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Galleri Ramfjord Oslo

Ronen Art Gallery The Netherlands

Galleri Fineart Oslo

Bruno Dahl Gallery Denmark
Galerie Dessers Belgium

Gallery 104 New York


Selected exhibitions

2024 Ronen Art Gallery London Art Fair 17-22 Jan.

2023 Galleri Ramjord "Somewhere" (Solo)

2022 Galleri Ramfjord "Orchestra" (Solo) 8 Des -

2021 Nils Aas Kunstverksted "The Best way to Travel" (Solo) 

2021 Galleri Ramfjord "South Side of the Sky" (Solo) 

2020 Galleri Ramfjord "The Best way to Travel" (Solo) 

2019 Galleri Ramfjord "Just outside my window" (Solo)

2019 Affordable Art Fair New York Ronen Art Gallery (Group) 

2018 Stockholm Affordable Art Fair Galleri Ramfjord (Group)    

2018 Galerie Dessers Belgium “Surreal?” (group)

2018 Galleri Ramfjord "The Other" (Solo)

2018 Vertical Gallery Chicago (Group)  

2018 Bærum Kunstforening Oslo Norway                         

2017 Stockholm Affordable Art Fair Galleri Ramfjord (Group)                

2017 Kunstgalleriet “Truth is a feeling” (Solo)

2017 X-Festival Belgium "G A T E"                            

2017 Galleri Ramfjord, Oslo, Norway «One day in Paris» (Solo)

2016 Galerie Dessers Belgium “G A T E”

2016 Galleri Ramfjord "G A T E" (Solo)

2016 Gallery GEO "G A T E" (Solo)

2015 Galleri Ramfjord “Dagdrøm” (Solo)
2015 Galerie Dessers Belgium “Ambit” (group)
2014 Mana Contemporary New Jersey (Auction) Curated by Elisabeth Ramfjord
2014 Kilden Teater og konserthus Kristiansand «Everybody Counts» (Solo)
2013 Trygve Lie Gallery New York “Everybody counts” (Solo)
2013 TM 51 «Veien tilbake til Siljustøl» (Solo)
2013 Fana kulturhus «Veien tilbake til Siljustøl» (Solo)
2013 Galleri Ramfjord, Stipendutstillingen (Group)
2012 Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim «Everybody Counts» (Solo)
With video and soundinstallation a colloboration with Paolo Vinaccia.
2012 Kafé Celsius i Oslo “Gnist” (Group)
2012 Scandic Vulkan “Into the unknown” (Solo)
2011 Fine art, selected works (Group)
2011 Galleri View «Oslo» (Solo)
2011 Oslo domkirke «Everybody Counts» (Solo)
2010 Galleri View “Songs & Sounds” (Group)



1994 - 1996 Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (Lipa)
2009 - 2011 Bilder Nordic School of Photography


2017 - Two Honourable mentions in the Fine art category Black & white Spider awards.
2013 - Chosen by a external jury to be apart of Gallery Ramfjords grant exhibition.
2013 - Received price in the contest “Gullsnitt”


2013 - Released the book “Veien tilbake til Siljustøl”
2014 - Made video and soundinstallation for Joyce Tenneson to be part of the exhibition “Light Warriors” at Fotografiska in Stockholm


2016 - Grant for Catalogue “GATE”

2013 - Bergen kommune: grant for the book “Veien tilbake til Siljustøl”



Live Video
2013 Larvik Kulturhus - Kulturnatt


Screening of artvideo
2011 Rite de passage Dok 11 Litteraturhuset
2012 Screening of 2 artfilms and 1 documentary at Cinemateket.


2013 Documented 14 different religions and belief systems for Samarbeidsrådet for tro og livssynssamfunn.
2013 Made video documentaries for Cappelen Damm.

Norwegian photographer Erlend Mikael Saeverud (1975) examines the streets  through intense blacks, whites and splashes of color, illustrating dramatic narratives that balance opposing forces like the past and present, dark and light, physical and psychic worlds, truth and fiction. 


Erlend Mikael Sæverud’s fine art photography consist of spontaneous street photographs where the light steers the wanderer towards an unknown destination. – I think solitude sometimes can be an important path, to get to know the depth of existence. I am very inspired by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung: “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”


Erlends started his career as a musician and producer. 

In 2007 he had a car accident, and after a long period of recovery he discovered photography. 

Through the lens he felt like he was seeing the world for the first time and the Camera became å healing tool in his recovery. 


This was the start of Erlends journey as a photographer.

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